Race Postponement

Race Postponement

To all of our city’s first responders, health care workers and essential service providers, we will wait to start until after you reach the finish line. This week would have been the Calgary Police Half Marathon’s 40th anniversary event. While we share your disappointment that we are not able to participate at this time, we must remember this is all for each other’s safety and that we are in this together. Your health and safety as a valued CPHM supporter is our priority, and we will do our part as responsible corporate partners to abide by all government issued event cancellations and restrictions.

Our hope is to hold the CPHM 40th anniversary event in the Fall later this year. We are working with our partners at the City of Calgary to make this happen and will communicate more details to you as they become available. We know that last year’s cancellation followed by a postponement this year makes it difficult to continue the momentum, but please know we are doing everything we can to honour our commitment to hosting this special event at a later date.

We know everyone could use a reason to smile, and in celebration of our 40th race year, we invite you to share your favourite memories of past CPHM events, like this vintage photo of a CPHM. Let’s use social media to jog our memories and share your favourite photos or stories on our Instagram or Twitter (both @YYCPoliceHalf) and Facebook (@CalgaryPolice) channels using the #YYCPoliceHalf.

We thank you all for your continued support, understanding and patience as we work through this difficult time.

 – CPHM Committee

CPHM update – 2020 race postponement

CPHM update – 2020 race postponement

To our Calgary Police Half Marathon racers,

These are exceptional times for our nation. With extraordinary restrictions being placed on our day-to-day life, the CPHM Committee has been working diligently to develop contingencies for the 2020 race.

Given the most recent restrictions as detailed by the Premier in his March 17th news conference and the declared State of Public Emergency,  the City of Calgary has asked that events between now and April 30th be cancelled or postponed. Effective immediately we have temporarily suspended registration. We are working with the City of Calgary on contingencies to host our race this Fall.  As soon as we have more information and race details, we will share it with you via email and our social media platforms.

Given the complicated circumstances we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work together through this.

On behalf of the entire CPHM Committee, thank you for your continued support.

Stay healthy!


COVID-19 update

The Calgary Police Half Marathon Committee has been closely monitoring the situation related to COVID-19. We recognize that information related to COVID-19 is changing rapidly and information related to closures around the City of Calgary is changing by the hour.  Updates for racers relating to CPHM and COVID-19 will be communicated as race day approaches. Visit calgarypolicehalf.ca, @YYCPoliceHalf, @CalgaryPolice on Twitter and yycpolicehalf on Instagram for the latest race information.

2017 Late Registrant Shirt Pick Up

2017 Late Registrant Shirt Pick Up

If you registered between noon on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 and race package pick up, and you will still receive a race shirt. This order of shirts will be available for pick up at YouthLink, located at 5111 47 St N.E. on the following days:

  • Friday, May 26 – 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 27 – 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Friday, June 2 – 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, June 3 – 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Team members and friends can pick up race shirts on behalf of participants, if needed.

Calgary Stampeder Deron Mayo to attend Calgary Police Half Marathon

Calgary Stampeder Deron Mayo to attend Calgary Police Half Marathon

We’re very excited to have Calgary Stampeder Deron Mayo join us on Sunday for the 37th annual Calgary Police Half Marathon. Deron will be attending our first-ever Rookies and Legends race to say hi to the kids and seniors participating in this great event. He’ll also be helping at the half marathon, 10K and 5K finish line!

2016 was Deron Mayo’s fifth season with the Calgary Stampeders and his first as Captain of Defense. The 28-year-old Hampton, Va., native was the Stampeders’ nominee for the CFL’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player award in 2015 after recording a team-high 72 tackles as well as five sacks, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery.  In November 2016, he was awarded with the prestigious Presidents’ Ring.  This distinction, voted on by the players, recognizes excellence in leadership, inspiration, motivational skills and in-game contributions.  He is also became a Grey Cup Champion when the Stamps took the title in 2014.  Deron joins the Calgary Police Service Half Marathon on Sunday to visit with runners and help distribute medals with Olympian Bronze Medalist Akeem Haynes.

Photo by Al Charest/Calgary Sun

CPS tips for the Calgary Police Half Marathon

CPS tips for the Calgary Police Half Marathon

Calgary Police Service Fitness Trainer Paul Robertson shares his insight with runners contemplating or registered for the CPS Half Marathon Event on April 30 at Mount Royal University.  To sign up for race day which includes a variety of categories including half marathon, 10Km run, 5Km run or walk, or new 1 Km Rookies & Legends indoor run (kids and seniors), click here.

Meet CPS Fitness Trainer Paul Robertson

Paul has been with the CPS Fitness Unit for ten years and has coached all sorts of athletes for over twenty years.  He currently specializes in competitive mountain bike (cross-country & marathon) as well as cyclocross & road cycling.  He also works with endurance athletes from various running and obstacle course disciplines.  When not riding a bike, he’s playing with his kids.

Tip #1:          Why am I doing this??

  • Extrinsic factors; e.g. weight loss, performance gains, fundraising for charity or the social aspect of the sport community; can all be powerful motivators when training becomes arduous.
  • Keeping to a schedule, training with a partner or group can also boost motivation and accountability; often more so than simply answering to ourselves.

Tip #2:          If the shoe fits…

  • Buy your footwear from a shop that has qualified, experienced staff and that allows you to test-run several pairs. It’s not about the colour!
  • Break your new shoes in gradually by increasing their distance/duration as you reduce distance/duration in your old shoes.

Tip #3:          I wonder what this will do?   The importance of  race-day familiarity.

  • Things like footwear, clothing (materials, layers, fit, etc.) and fuel (food & hydration) should be experimented with throughout training. Make notes!
  • On race day, only use what you’ve proven comfortable, effective and tolerable in training. No surprises!  Ok, almost no surprises…

Tip #4:          Pump up the volume!  Not so fast….

  • Build your weekly overall distance/duration very gradually to avoid overuse injuries and general burnout.
  • The same rule applies for “long” runs. Too much, too soon can be a recipe for disaster!
  • If you’ve been training for 12+ weeks, include a “taper” week leading up to the race. Don’t worry; your fitness won’t go away.  You want to race fresh, not exhausted!

Tip #5:          Variety is the spice of life!

  • Mix in a variety of paces (slow, tempo or race-pace and speed work) to train multiple energy systems, all of which can contribute to your race.
  • The same rule applies to distance/duration. Pace usually plays a role; i.e. slow days are usually longer, while faster days are shorter and often involve interval-type training.
  • Run on a variety of surfaces and terrain. What does the race course look like?  Is it on pavement, cobble or single-track trail?  Is it flat or hilly?  Are the hills steep?  How about descents (oft forgotten!)?  Most of the time, your chosen route will be a function of convenience, including using a treadmill on some days.  However, as the race nears, you should mix in some of the specific variables that will appear on race day.
  • Mixing all of the aforementioned variables helps to avoid boredom, fatigue and overuse injuries.

Tip #6:          Faster and faster – running negative splits on race day.

  • Break the run into segments, such as “front”, “middle” and “back”. These can be based on distances or obvious changes in terrain.  For the examples below, let’s assume a pretty flat race course.
    1. The front; e.g. first 3-5km, should be run at just under race-pace. The half-marathon is long enough that doing too much in the first few kilometers can spell disaster by way of having to slow down or DNF!
    2. The middle; e.g. 11-15km, should be done at race-pace. Of course, you’ve established this in training!
    3. The back; e.g. final 3-5km, can be a bit of a “push” to the line. However, exercise caution. The increase in pace should be perceived by you, but not necessarily to the outside observer.

On behalf of the Calgary Police Foundation, recipient of proceeds, we extend our sincere thanks for participating in the Calgary Police Half Marathon Event!  There are a number of ways you can help us raise funds that keep Calgary youth safe.

  1. Register a team and invite a volunteer CPS officer to do a run with you!
  2. Collect pledges from your family and friends.
  3. Register the special seniors and youngsters in your life in the new 1 Km Indoor Rookies & Legends Category.

All information and sign-up happens here.

Click here to find out more about the Calgary Police Foundation and the programs it funds.

Running for a cause: Calgary Police Foundation

Running for a cause: Calgary Police Foundation

Along with providing scholarships to several Mount Royal University students, the Calgary Police Half Marathon also generously supports the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF).

CPF was established to partner exclusively with the Calgary Police Service (CPS).  The Foundation funds CPS community initiatives designed to reduce youth victimization and criminal activity by focusing on education, prevention and early intervention.

CPF funded programs include:

YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre – a place where youth are engaged to make positive and safe choices surrounding challenges they face such as drugs, bullying, gangs, online safety and healthy relationships.

ISSP:  The Integrated School Support Project – an intensive school-based program where youth are at risk has been successful in changing attitudes towards police, reducing high-risk behaviours, and helping students thrive.  Students have demonstrated improved academic scores while teachers have seen a decrease in aggressive behaviours.

MASST:  Multi-Agency School Support Teams – an early-intervention program that supports children and youth who exhibit behavior that puts them at risk of criminal involvement or who are at risk of being victimized.  Children and their families work closely with teams of professionals, often for extended periods of time.

YARD:  Youth at Risk Development Program – reducing gang activity is a priority for the CPF.  YARD offers an escape to a healthier, safer, more productive life for youth who are affiliated with gangs or at risk of gang involvement.

Calgary Police Cadets Corp – a youth program that fosters leadership abilities, cultural tolerance and career development.  The program continues to see an increased number of young people develop important social, academic and physical skills.

Power Play – a free, weekly, drop-in hockey program, engaging youth ages six to 17 and their families.  In diverse and marginalized Calgary communities, the program helps foster trust and understanding between youth and police – expanding to address community needs.

Video: Click here to learn more about the Calgary Police Foundation