First Responder Challenge


Sworn and civilian members of any emergency first response agency are invited to create a team for the First Responder Challenge!  Multiple teams can be created within individual First Responder Agencies.  For example, a team can be created within a particular work area of an Agency such as a District, Detachment, Fire Hall or Speciality Unit.  The team with the most points will be awarded a $500 gift card for the Cuff and Billy! One point is awarded to each member of the team who completes their race.

Teams can also compete for the First Responder Challenge Spirit Award.  The team that demonstrates the most team spirit and enthusiasm on race day will win a $250 gift card for the Cuff and Billy.  The Spirit Award will be determined by the Race Director in consultation with CPHM Board Members.

Instructions and Rules:

Appoint a Team Captain.

The Team Captain will register for their event (5km, 10km or Half Marathon) and create the team name in Race Roster.

The Team Captain will communicate the team name to potential members.

The Team Captain will ask team members to register in Race Roster for the 5km, 10 km or Half Marathon and indicate “Yes” to team and then select the appropriate team name.

The Team Captain will check Race Roster to ensure all team members are listed under the team name before race day.

Team members who finish their distance (5km, 10km or half marathon) will earn one point for their team.  The team with the most points will win a $500 gift card for the Cuff and Billy!

To earn your points, you must register and include your team name in your registration and complete the race and register an official time.   If you do not register with your team name your point will not count towards the point total.

Teams can recruit team members from any area of their agency, both sworn and civilian.

The Team Captain can add people to the team once they have registered.

In the event of a tie between two or more teams the first tie breaker will be the fastest time in the Half Marathon distance race. If one of the tied teams does not have a racer in the Half Marathon distance race the second tie breaker will be the fastest time in the 10K race. The third tie breaker will be the fastest time in the 5K race. In the event that race times can not determine a winner a coin toss will be held with final discretion going to the Race Director