MRU Bursary Program

As part of our commitment, the Calgary Police Half Marathon has donated over $100,000 to the Mount Royal University Bursary program since 2000. Bursaries are awarded to students in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, Social Work, and Inclusive Post-Secondary Education programs. Bursaries are awarded yearly on a financial and/or academic basis.

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Your donation at work: YOUR GIFT AT WORK -Police Half Marathon_ December 2021

Our bursaries help students in their academic pursuits as evidenced by letters we recently received.

Dear Mount Royal University Donor,

I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for choosing me as the recipient of the Calgary Police Half Marathon Social Work Bursary. This award has helped me immensely. As a single mother of two children it has been a challenge to fund my education. I am proud that my academic achievements are being recognized and that amazing donors like you offer support.

I chose the field of Social Work after experiencing some hardships in life. Following a divorce, I feel into a deep depression and used drugs as a coping mechanism. It was during my treatment for addiction that I became drawn to Social Work. I witnessed a lot of people suffering and felt led to support them. After treatment I was offered a position within the facility and became the manager of the program. This gave me the experience and reward of supporting clients and their families during challenging times.

Today I am proudly three years clean. I am in my second year of University and first year in the Social Work Program. I am unsure of which direction that the program will take me. I have done the work in addictions and feel that my past has been helpful in supporting clients. But I am excited to explore other avenues. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to gain an education with Mount Royal University and to receive the support from wonderful donors.

Thank you again for the life changing gift”

“Dear Calgary Police Half Marathon,

I would like to express my gratitude for receiving the Health & Community Studies Calgary Police Half Marathon Bursary.

This award means a little less worrying about student loans and instead focusing more on my education. I am a first year social work student about to begin my second semester at Mount Royal University. I am passionate about the helping profession, and this semester I am particularly thrilled to begin my first practicum as well as take more courses towards my diploma. I feel like I have found my place within Mount Royal University and your award definitely gave me extra encouragement for continuing to thrive academically.

Once again, thank you for the generous award.