Running for a cause: Calgary Police Foundation

Running for a cause: Calgary Police Foundation

Along with providing scholarships to several Mount Royal University students, the Calgary Police Half Marathon also generously supports the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF).

CPF was established to partner exclusively with the Calgary Police Service (CPS).  The Foundation funds CPS community initiatives designed to reduce youth victimization and criminal activity by focusing on education, prevention and early intervention.

CPF funded programs include:

YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre – a place where youth are engaged to make positive and safe choices surrounding challenges they face such as drugs, bullying, gangs, online safety and healthy relationships.

ISSP:  The Integrated School Support Project – an intensive school-based program where youth are at risk has been successful in changing attitudes towards police, reducing high-risk behaviours, and helping students thrive.  Students have demonstrated improved academic scores while teachers have seen a decrease in aggressive behaviours.

MASST:  Multi-Agency School Support Teams – an early-intervention program that supports children and youth who exhibit behavior that puts them at risk of criminal involvement or who are at risk of being victimized.  Children and their families work closely with teams of professionals, often for extended periods of time.

YARD:  Youth at Risk Development Program – reducing gang activity is a priority for the CPF.  YARD offers an escape to a healthier, safer, more productive life for youth who are affiliated with gangs or at risk of gang involvement.

Calgary Police Cadets Corp – a youth program that fosters leadership abilities, cultural tolerance and career development.  The program continues to see an increased number of young people develop important social, academic and physical skills.

Power Play – a free, weekly, drop-in hockey program, engaging youth ages six to 17 and their families.  In diverse and marginalized Calgary communities, the program helps foster trust and understanding between youth and police – expanding to address community needs.

Video: Click here to learn more about the Calgary Police Foundation